28 4 / 2014

Great article from a former Internet troll. Most Community Managers will already know this from painful first hand experience, but it’s worth remembering this in the heat of a trolling:

You will never beat a troll. You will never change a troll’s mind. You may delude yourself into thinking that you proved them wrong, however, never in my years of dealing with trolls have I seen a troll lay down his or her arms and say, “You know what, you’re right. I was so wrong.”

28 4 / 2014

This is a great, fast read from a former Internet troll. Most Community Managers are already hip to this tactic, but it’s worth reminding yourself sometimes.

Truth: “I have never seen a troll lay down his or her arms and say, You know what, you’re right. I was so wrong.

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Honey Maid responds to negative comments about their “wholesome” ad campaign, which contained pro-LGBT and other diverse families.

Or what shall be forever known as “The best response to negative youtube comments of all time” (at least so far).

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"While there are many aspects of community management, determining what is valuable for community managers to work on is key"

Jason Hibbets

ROI is often a tricky thing in Community Manager land, being VERY clear about what you’re doing and how you’re tracking success/fail is so important.

More great stuff for 2014 from Jason Hibbets on Five community management tips for 2014 by

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Yesterday I went to the Community Manager unconference and it got me thinking about metrics and ROI.

While it’s difficult to guess which metrics will work best for someone else’s company, especially without knowing the specific business goals for the team, I pulled together some thoughts about potential business goals for a community/social media team and metrics I’ve reported in the past.

At a high level, I’d recommend tracking specific goals tied to current business goals and creating/updating a community metrics dashboard each week. 

A few example business objectives for community outreach:

  • engage existing customers
  • encourage word of mouth
  • spread news about our business/ share good user stories
  • brand awareness and visibility
  • become part of the larger conversation in your field/market
  • increase search ability
  • complement promo campaign
  • support other calls to action
  • ambassador advocacy

From the very high level, there are three quantitative things you’ll want to track for any community project:

  1. Audience size (reach)
  2. Reactivity (RT, share, reblog, etc)
  3. Traffic to site

Caveat: Community deals with people, it’s good to also look at some  “squishy” qualitative things as well.

Other specific metrics I’ve tracked before…

  • Site traffic driven via social channels
  • Conversion
  • # of fans is interesting, number of engagements/shares better, shares by key influencers and super fans best
  •  # and % positive customer mentions
  • revenue
  •  # posts
  • # mentions
  •  # super fans
  •  search engine rankings spot test

What do you track? How do you track it? How often?

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Terror tale of how not to manage your brand online. Shouting in all caps, swearing and abusing people on their Facebook page - and not knowing when to disengage. It’s a great tale for community and social media managers - stepping away from the keyboard can not only save your sanity, it can also save your brand.

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Last week, at GetSatisfaction’s inaugural Customer Success Summit (May 2, 2013) in San Francisco, I received my regular reminder that I live in this tech bubble called the Bay Area. I was speaking with a gentleman about why I was attending and how I understood the importance of building…

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Great recap of Verge blogger Paul Miller’s year away from the Internet. Excerpt:

"I’d read enough blog posts and magazine articles and books about how the internet makes us lonely, or stupid, or lonely and stupid, that I’d begun to believe them. I wanted to figure out what the internet was "doing to me," so I could fight back. But the internet isn’t an individual pursuit, it’s something we do with each other. The internet is where people are.”

The Internet is where the people are. It’s inexorably linked to our culture, woven into our relationships and drizzled across our lives.

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Love this community management report infographic from SocialFresh.

Love this community management report infographic from SocialFresh.

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"It will help you to build a stronger culture within your company, better relationships with your customers and staff, and ultimately a more successful business."

Richard Branson on Community Building to Grow your Business

Yes. Just yes. This is what community is all about.

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